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There are three elements you need in abundance to write well: passion, a thirst for knowledge and time. Many people enjoy writing and its associated research (research is the basis for good marketing copywriting) but with so many other marketing projects going on few have the time to devote solely to writing. Written content and copywriting services from WrittenContentPlus delivers a dedicated, quality-focused content and copywriting service across all media channels.

Content is the core of marketing in the digital age

Content is at the core of almost everything that is done in marketing these days, particularly online. Whether it’s a website (which is perhaps the most important touchpoint of every company now), online articles, blog posts or downloads for social media fodder, at some point in business you are going to require expert copywriting and strategic written content creation.

A quality-focused, commercially astute written content service

My background spans journalism, publishing and marketing and this gives me skill and expertise ideal for today’s written content requirements. As an ex-journalist, I have professional copywriting skill and interviewing techniques, which (alongside being trust-worthy) makes me able to tease interesting facts and details out of interview subjects. In addition to creating great copy, my marketing background, particularly online, ensures I fully understand what content is required to meet the commercial goals and purposes of each campaign or marketing activity. I also understand how to market it. My background in publishing means I can get the content out there for maximum impact and effect.

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Marketing services from WrittenContentPlus

If your aim is for business growth and profit, marketing services from WrittenContentPlus will help align your sales and marketing activity so that they are fully integrated and in support of each other. Marketing services from WrittenContentPlus include a range of solutions for your new marketing and content needs – from branding and messaging, lead generation and nurturing through to PR, editorial, copywriting and social media.

Don’t under estimate the power of content

Content is a hugely powerful element of your marketing these days, particularly in social media. It helps drive your campaigns’ success. But rather than simply delivering you content, we can further ensure favourable results by providing the executive services to exploit that content. It saves you time and money and guarantees consistent delivery.

You’ll find all the information you need about what we offer and our skills and experience by clicking the links below or visiting the sub-menus above. If you don’t, however, let us know. We are always looking for new and creative ways in which to expand our service offering and remit even more value to customers.

WrittenContentPlus is run by Alison Campbell who works with clients to ensure everything is aligned with overall business objectives. She also makes certain your marketing is fully integrated with sales and customer service to deliver the best results in the shortest time.

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Publishing and publishing services for marketing from WrittenContentPlus

Bringing publishing into the marketing mix

WrittenContentPlus offers publishing and publishing services for business and industry. We publish quality non-fiction books for business, technical reference, self-help and professional development readers in collaboration with companies, organisations, educational establishments, expert individuals, high-profile luminaries and public personalities. If you are any of the above, with a book idea that you would like to publish, get in touch with us for an informal chat.

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YolobuzzCreative – where ideas come to life and creativity creates profit

If you’re a business owner, sales and marketing executive or entrepreneur and your career involves sales, marketing, communication and customer relationships, YolobuzzCreative provides consultancy, expertise and an environment in which to discover and develop creative ideas.

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How does it work?

Discovery – concept

I work with clients, companies and businesses, one-to-one and in a structured way, by providing marketing consultancy and/or facilitated brainstorming that enables concepts to be discovered and formulated.

Development – seeding

I then seed ideas through market research and further development to provide proof of concept. I work with content providers: copywriters, graphic designers, social media experts, video makers and photographers (as appropriate) to initiate supporting visuals, campaign details and collateral.

Refining and implementation

Having reported my findings, I then finalise ideas and turn them into workable, projects and plans that can be profitably implemented – either by me, through WrittenContentPlus or by the client themselves.

How much does it cost?

It depends on scope and scale, the size of the company and, therefore, how much research will be involved. By way of example, a simple consultation can start from as little as £180, which includes:

  • Initial telephone consultation
  • Face-to-face meeting (if applicable but not necessary in every case)
  • Basic research
  • Feedback
  • Written report detailing recommendations

Facilitated Brainstorming

From as little as £250 for 2-10 delegates, 1-2 hours in duration.

I facilitate and run brainstorming sessions by creating an environment in which you and your colleagues feel encouraged, safe and supported.

I use bespoke methods to actively stimulate thinking and ensure ideas and solutions are recorded or written down for later analysis.

I’ve done a lot of work with marketing and PR teams across the board and at some of the most high-profile consultancies and educational establishments in the UK.

If you’d like to talk further about optimising sales and marketing communication or improving customer relationships, get in touch for a free, no obligation chat.

More than just Copywriting……

.....building relationships and trust with the audiences who matter.

I create content for your business that will appeal to your stakeholders and deliver results.

I work with you to get clear on your goals, objectives and those of your targets. I research your markets, customers and prospects to recognise what engages them. I then compile content.

I'm also a journalist and understand the media. If they're one of your audiences, I am accomplished at creating content that interests them too.